Japanese powdered green tea harvested in summer, FUNMATSUCHA AUTUMN, 50g

Capacity 50g
Product origin made in Japan

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Tea from the province of Kakegawa in the Shizuoka region, one of the two most famous regions in terms of green tea production.
This tea is called Funmatsucha, a type of powdered green tea similar to Matcha.

Matcha (抹茶), meaning "finely ground tea" or "tea powder", is, as the name suggests, tea that has been ground into a powder. This type of tea is not only prepared in a special way, it also offers exceptional health benefits. Matcha offers particularly powerful medicinal properties because unlike a traditional infusion, the entire leaf is ingested with all the nutrients it contains. It has a powerful detoxifying effect on the liver.

It can still be mixed with other ingredients for cooking recipes (ice cream, cake, smoothie, etc.).

The tea ceremony.
Matcha green tea is prepared in a very specific and ritualized way. In this ritual, Chasen is used, the bamboo tea whisk, which is left to soak in a bowl of hot water to soften its branches. A small quantity of powder is poured with the Natsume (bamboo rod that serves as a measuring spoon) in a traditional terracotta bowl. Hot water is then poured into the bowl and then mixed with the softened Chasen.