Japanese teapots

Our collection of Japanese teapots includes a variety of traditional and modern designs, all crafted by expert artisans. Each teapot is designed to offer an authentic tea experience, respecting the ancient traditions and manufacturing techniques. Our earthenware, cast iron, and ceramic teapots all feature stainless steel filters to ensure quality infusion. Whether you're a tea connoisseur or an enthusiast, our selection of Japanese teapots will satisfy all taste buds.


  • Cast iron teapots

    For the Japanese cast iron teapot category on my website, we offer a wide selection of authentic and high-quality cast iron teapots. Each teapot is handmade and coated with a special enamel to ensure long-lasting durability. Our cast iron teapots are perfect for daily use or as a gift for tea lovers.

  • Ceramic teapots

    Our selection of Japanese ceramic tea sets is unique and handcrafted to ensure that each teapot has its own personality. Our tea sets are made of high-quality ceramic and available in various designs and sizes. Each teapot is a work of art that reflects the traditional Japanese craftsmanship and is the perfect addition for any tea lover.

  • Kyusu Teapots

    Our category of Japanese Kyusu teapots includes a selection of traditional Japanese ceramic or cast iron teapots, designed to prepare and serve high-quality Japanese green tea. Kyusu teapots are often used to steep sencha or gyokuro teas, and are appreciated for their elegant design and ability to retain the heat of the tea for a long time.

  • Tea sets

    For the Japanese tea service category on my website, you will find an exclusive selection of authentic and high-quality Japanese tea sets. Each set includes a teapot and matching cups or mugs, handmade by skilled artisans. Our Japanese tea sets are perfect for any tea lover and provide a unique taste experience.

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