Discover the beauty of Japanese decor with our curated selection of traditional and modern home accents. Transform your space into a serene and minimalist oasis with our authentic Japanese decor pieces.


  • Manekineko cats

    These ceramic cats were originally used in storefronts to welcome customers. Indeed, the name "Maneki-Neko" means "inviting cat" and the raised paw is a welcoming gesture. They have gradually become symbols of success and good luck and are now also found in homes. It is generally said that the raised left paw attracts customers. If the cat raises its right paw, it will bring luck and fortune. If the cat raises both paws or if its paw is raised very high, this reinforces its beneficial power. The color of the cat also has a meaning: white for purity, golden to attract wealth, black to ward off evil spirits.

    In our pages we offer you cats of different sizes, shapes and colors, among which statuettes, phone hangers and money boxes.

  • Japanese linen

    Choose from our different towels the one that will dress your table or accompany you to the beach.

  • Teaboxes

    In metal or covered with Washi paper, our tea boxes in different sizes and colors will accommodate all your teas.

  • Statuettes of Japan

    Our collection of Japanese figurines is a tribute to the rich culture and tradition of the Land of the Rising Sun. From hand-carved wooden figures to finely crafted porcelain ones, our collection offers a variety of options for collectors and art lovers.

  • Masks of Japan

    Our category of traditional Japanese masks offers a unique collection of masks deeply rooted in Japanese culture. Discover the various types of masks used by actors, dancers, and other artists to tell stories and express emotions.

  • Daruma dolls

    Discover our selection of authentic Daruma dolls from Japan. These traditional dolls are symbols of luck and perseverance, and are used to achieve personal or professional goals. Handcrafted by Japanese artisans, each Daruma is unique and steeped in history.

  • Flowerpicks for ikebana

    Our category of Ikebana flower picks offers a wide selection of high-quality picks specifically designed for the Japanese art of Ikebana. Our picks come in various sizes and shapes to complement and complete your flower arrangements.

  • Curtains

    Add a touch of elegance to your home decor with our collection of Japanese noren curtains. These versatile curtains are perfect for adding privacy, creating a cozy atmosphere, or dividing your space with style.

  • Lanterns of Japan

    Our Japanese lanterns are crafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques and materials, bringing the beauty of Japanese culture to your home or garden.

  • Meditation zen

    Japanese Zen meditation is an ancient spiritual practice that aims to achieve mental tranquility and enlightenment .This method of meditation is practiced in silence, sitting with half-closed eyes, focusing on the breath. This practice is very popular worldwide for its numerous benefits for mental and physical health.

  • Ikebana, vase and...

    Discover our selection of Ikebana vases and soliflores, available in different sizes and designs. Each piece is unique and can serve as a work of art for your home or office.

  • Kokeshi dolls

    Kokeshi are Japanese dolls, originally from northern Japan. They are handmade from wood covered with a layer of wax. The body has a floral design, often painted in red, black. A characteristic of Kokeshi dolls is their lack of arms and legs. The background is marked with the artist's signature.

  • Okiagari

    Our Okiagari dolls are an authentic representation of traditional Japanese culture. Each doll is handcrafted and unique, with a distinct design and special significance. Bring your collection to life with these one-of-a-kind and fascinating dolls!

  • Puzzle/Models

    Explore our selection of Japanese puzzles and model kits, handcrafted to provide a unique aesthetic and refinement.

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