Set of 6 small ceramic cups - KOUN KIGO

Color blue
origin of the product made in Japan
height 2 cm
diameter 10 cm
capacity Default empty value
Compositions ceramic

Ideal container for your sauces, small side dishes during your meals. This type of small container can be adapted to your needs.

You will find several traditional Japanese symbols:

- The fans: Symbol of prosperity (it is mainly found during celebrations)

- The crane and the Turtle: Symbol of longevity (we often find this symbol in weddings to bring good luck)

- The plum blossom: Symbol of wisdom (it is a symbol of patience, because the flower supports the cold and blooms as soon as spring arrives)

- The six gourds: Symbol of health (protects against diseases and catastrophes)

- The manekineko: Symbol of prosperity for a company (symbol that attracts luck)

- The treasures: Symbol of luck, money, wisdom (this symbol is a very good omen for those who collect these treasures)