Japanese haori black and red kanji pattern "the best" in cotton - ICHIBAN

Color black
origin of the product made in Japan
Height 100 cm
Compositions 100% cotton

Haori Japanese traditional cotton jacket for Matsuri festival

Matsuri jackets, also known as "happi", are traditional Japanese jackets worn at festivals and other celebratory events. They are often adorned with colorful patterns and kanji or hiragana characters representing the name or theme of the event.

Matsuri jackets are often made from lightweight cotton or linen, which makes them comfortable to wear on hot summer days. They usually have a loose and straight shape, with wide sleeves and a button closure on the front.

These jackets are very popular in Japan, where they are worn by groups of dancers and musicians during festivals. They are also common in souvenir shops for tourists who want to bring back a traditional souvenir from their trip.