Japanese cast iron teapot from Japan, NAMICHIDORI, 0,3lt

Capacity 0,3 lt
Compositions Cast Iron
Packing Packaged in a cardboard box
Product origin made in Japan
Filter Metal filter removable basket
Japanese manufacturer Oiharu Japan ldt

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     2 to 4 working days for France, Belgium and Switzerland.
     3 to 6 working days for other countries in Europe
     5 to 9 working days for the French Overseas Territories, Canada and other countries.

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sold with a metal filter

Cast iron retains heat longer than other materials without spreading to the handle. All enthusiasts say it, a cast iron vessel is the best material for preparing and brewing tea.

How to use a cast iron vessel

How to make the best use of your teapot?
1. Before using for the first time:
- clean your teapot thoroughly with very hot water
. - dry the inside and outside of your teapot with a dry cloth while it is still hot - then let the inside dry thoroughly
. 2. When using the teapot, always pay attention to the following points:
Never heat the teapot directly on the inside. - never heat the teapot directly over a naked flame
. - if you use a hotplate, keep the temperature low
. - never place your teapot in the microwave
. - never use detergents to clean your teapot, only clean water
. - always remove any tea or water remaining in the teapot and dry it thoroughly after each use
. - always wipe the outside of your teapot with a dry cloth while it is still hot
. - avoid contact with salt or oil - never cool the teapot suddenly while it is still hot - the inside of the teapot is enamelled. So be sure to choose cookware that will not scratch the enamel. By following these tips, you can enjoy your teapot for a long time.