Assortment of 20 incense sticks with incense holder - GENJI UTAKATA - Transitional dream

height 7 cm
Packing Packaged in a cardboard box
Product origin made in Japan

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- Transient dream

Blue: Taruhi - Scent inspired by the elegant appearance of Daffodils
Red: Utsuroi - Scent inspired by blossoming plum trees
Yellow: Kabori - Soft and fresh scent with a refreshing feel
Green: Hachisu - Fragrance inspired by a neat Lotus flower

The legendary Japanese story "Te Tale of Genji" is one of the world's most profound cultural achievements.
Written by Lady Murasaki at the start of the 11th century as entertainment for Empress Akiko, this millennial masterpiece claims many early literaries: the world's first true novel.
The first psychological novel. The first historical novel. "Te Tale of Genji" is a window to a bygone world, giving a glimpse of Japan from a millennium ago.
With the Te Genji series, Shoyeido is happy to conjure up the scenes and sublime beauty of Te Tale of Genji.