We offer in this category different kinds of teapots: cast iron, clay or ceramic, you will inevitably find one to your taste.


  • Cast iron teapots

    Cast iron teapots vary widely in size and some have unusual shapes. The smallest can hold about 0.5 liters of water and the largest about 5 liters. They are very often decorated with raised patterns on their surface.

  • Ceramic teapots

    Ceramic teapots have a handle on the back of the teapot which can be used by both left and right handed people. Ceramic being a versatile material, teapots come in a multitude of different colours and sizes. Easy to clean, just rinse with clean water.

  • Kyusu Teapots

    A kyūsu is a Japanese teapot made of clay used mainly for brewing green tea. Tokoname ware, which has one of the oldest kilns in Japan, is known for its kyūsu. The spout of his teapots is designed with an angle so that the drops do not drip backwards when pouring.

  • Tea sets

    To share moments of serenity and enjoy a good Japanese tea alone, with friends or family, choose our tea sets composed of a teapot and several cups.

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