Paper flower containing 8 incense cones with holder - FLORAL WORLD LAVENDER - Lavender

height 3.5 cm
width 6.5 cm
Packing Packaged in a cardboard box
Product origin made in Japan

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     2 to 4 working days for France, Belgium and Switzerland.
     3 to 6 working days for other countries in Europe
     5 to 9 working days for the French Overseas Territories, Canada and other countries.

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Shoyeido Floral world lavender incense in the shape of cones. Each shoyeido incense cone is carefully packaged in a paper flower, so the 8 flowers assembled form this magnificent flower bud at the heart of their case. No detail is overlooked both in terms of presentation and in the formulation of these wonderful scents.

Floral World Shoyeido incense cones diffuse into your home the nectar of scents of a garden in full bloom. Enjoy the purity of the rich and intense scents of the Shoyeido Floral World incense range, and let their scent lift your spirits!.